Sunday, November 20, 2016

Grandpa Winn

So I come from a split home, but only sort of, because I was only one when both my parents got remarried so I never really felt the affects of the divorce.  It was more just a two family world for me.  In my world it was 2 families, 2 Christmases, 2 birthday’s, no problem!!  Obviously there were some challenges related to the situation but no more than your average kid.  In a lot of ways I feel like it helped me to be more well rounded, and I knew from an early age that people have different beliefs, standards, and traditions, and I’ve never really struggled to accept that.  That said, I was blessed with a whole lot of love given the circumstances.  My step parents were both always good to me and their families were always completely welcoming and loving.  My step-dad literally took me in as his own, and given that I lived with he and my mom for the most part, it made me feel like I had a normal family. 

Now that’s just my background for the purpose of my post which is my Grandpa Winn, a man whom I love more than words could express.  He has always loved me like his own, he’s my step-dad’s (it feels weird to even refer to him as a step-dad honestly) dad.  He is literally one of the sweetest men on earth, I love and adore him.

Anyway, so in honor of his birthday this month, I made him a little present, and I wanted to share.


So true to form, I didn’t think about making him something until last night.  I thought it would be fun to do something with family history, but I couldn’t think of what.  My hubby convinced me to drop it because in his words “I would probably spend the whole night trying to put something together, get stressed, then it wouldn't’ work out because it’s too last minute, and I’d just end up angry”.  I could see his point, so I dropped it.  BUT after church today I just REALLY wanted to do something, so I opened up my Pinterest board “Family History Crafts”, and saw an idea like this.  I whipped this together using Photoshop Elements, and photos I stole from FamilySearch combined with some I had scanned.  I didn’t have any photos of the generations before my grandpa’s, thank you FamilySearch Memories.

Voila….I feel like it came together quite nice for a 30 minute project. I tried to print it and put it in a frame, but of course the printer chose to not work, as hubby had predicted. So I ordered it on Costco and it’ll come in the mail to his house this week. Sweet!  Thank you modern technology!  I’ll have to go to the party empty handed, but at least I can tell him his present is on it’s way.

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