Saturday, August 27, 2016

Preserving & Sharing Family History in Fun, Creative, & Modern Ways -- BYU Family History Library Class

This week's class for BYU

One of my favorite parts about Family History is finding unique ways to display my finds, especially the stories & photos that I happen upon...I feel like I constantly find new fun ways to share my family's history, so this class was designed to help you have that same kind of fun.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Kids Family Tree Book

 So I had the coolest experience when I originally created this book about 4 years ago.  I had been really wanting to find a way to get my kids engaged with their family tree, but they were 5 & 3--how . . . . ??

Then came one late night after attending a genealogy conference.  I was struggling to sleep when the words to almost an entire poem just started coming together in my head, totally unsolicited (at least at that moment).  The poem was what I ended up putting together into a book for the kids.

The gathering took some time, getting all the grandparents' input and all the photos together, but I used a program called Mixbook, and everything came together pretty slick.  I ordered it and got it delivered in the mail a short time later.

When it came, I had a picnic with the kids and gave them the book as a present.

They've used it a lot.  Ella has kept it in her church bag and they use it as a quiet book at church---SUCCESS!!

BUT--Here I find myself 3 years later, with a third kid, and of course the book is now where to be found.  Since it's cheap enough, I just decided to update it and order a new one.  A few minutes of finding some pictures and too much time being ticky-tacky later, and--voila-- I ordered it.  It'll be here this weekend. Pretty slick!