Monday, May 23, 2016

FREE Live Stream 2016 Jaboree

Thank you ANCESTRY!!
Just wanted to pass this on to any fellow mom genealogists who can't always make it to the conferences, a great opportunity to catch some of the classes while in the swing of Spring Time mAdDNesS with the kiddos!  You can watch live or at your convenience on the Live Stream site until July 5th.

Quoted from the Jamboree 2016 mailer,

"Last week, we announced the schedule for the pay-per-view live streamed sessions from the Genetic Genealogy 2016 Conference. Thank you to genealogists around the world who have already registered for the DNA pay-per-view sessions.  

Now, it's time to release the rest of the news you've been waiting for - the schedule for the FREE live streaming from the 47th Annual Southern California Genealogy Jamboree.

We are very grateful to our Diamond Sponsor,, which is underwriting the cost of the free Jamboree Live Stream. With their generous support, SCGS is once again able to bring you 14 hours of high-quality family history education free of charge

I've checked out some of the classes and am about to register myself. 

Visit the Jamboree homepage to see class lists, registration info, and more information about the Genetic Genealogy classes.  Or check out the email that has a synopsis of all the information. 

Happy streaming...

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